Commercial Interior and Architectural Photography

Architects, builders, contractors, interior designers, cabinet makers, doctor and dentist offices, or any retail business location that has an online presence, or plans to do any television, or print marketing.

Real Estate Photography and Video

No unrealistic colors, or distortion. Using a proprietary hand blending technique developed over many years, natural, existing light is blended with several flash exposures to provide for accurate color and an even exposure. The result is a magazine quality image that looks natural to your eye. I am also a FAA Certified Commercial Drone Operator and can provide aerial still photographs and video of your listings. Additional services include twilight photography, virtual staging, and walk through video.

Virtual Staging

Vacant homes can look cold and bare. Staging companies charge a small fortune to stage a whole home. Virtual staging provides a much lower cost alternative, and helps potential buyers envision the rooms fully furnished.

Aerial Still Photography and Video

Residential real estate, commercial retail locations, or just about any other location often benefit from a different perspective. Aerial photography and video help showcase the properties and provide for an alternative view that sometimes tells more of the story than a ground level view.

Twilight photography

A properly landscaped property outfitted with landscape lighting really shines with a twilight shot. These photos have impact because they tend to catch the eye better than a traditional daytime exterior photograph. Add more drama with an aerial twilight photo to really dazzle.

Executive and business head shots

Corporate executives and business men and women need high quality business portraits that represent themselves in a positive manner.

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